“Where The Light Stops” availability and formats

TIOA news 1 .jpg008

The new Inventors of Aircraft album is available in a limited edition and a standard edition.

The standard edition is available from Time Released Sound,  the limited and standard edition is available from Norman Records and the limited edition available from  Stashed Goods  (I expect they’ll also get the standard edition in soon.)

There are also a few limited and standard editions available directly from this website, just get in touch to order a copy.

As you can see from the picture, the Limited edition is lavishly packaged and comes with all sorts of bits including a working red light! The standard edition comes in a simple stamped sleeve.  A digital version of the album is also in the works.

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‘Where The Light Stops’ now available

TIOA news 1 .jpg008

The new TIOA album is available through Time Released Sound

The album is currently available on cd and comes in a package so extravagent it really does raise the humble album sleeve to a fine art!

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Fluid Radio review of Where The Light Stops

Nathan Thomas has written about the album for Fluid Radio, read what he has to say here

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‘Where the light stops’ 10 minute album sampler

From the Time Released Sound soundcloud page

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‘Where the light stops’ video preview of the new album


The new album ‘Where the light stops’ will be out in January 2013 on Time Released Sound, here’s a short film to help set the scene.

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New album sneak preview

Hi, here’s a sneak preview of the amazing packaging for the new album care of Time Released Sound.  Details to follow, masters are being done imminently   and all going will the album will be out in early January


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autumn update 2012

Just a quick update. Albums are inching nearer to release, but it’s slow process… thanks for your patience- i’ll post some concrete news when when I have some. Perhaps I’ll try and put out a digital ep beforehand, as it seems a shame to have to go so long with no new music out!

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